Video : The Beauty of Trivandrum Through a Foreigner’s Eyes!

March 15, 2018

A short video that reveals that natural beauty of our Trivandrum City in 4 minutes. Every shot in the video shows a new version of the city told through the eyes of this foreigner!

Usually when foreigners visit a place, they visit only the normal places that everyone visits, but this new video feature made for the Kerala Tourism Department. It shows the raw beauty of Trivandrum in ways that may amaze you!

The film titled “Go Trivandrum” is conceptualised and shot by Sameer Sakkariya, in association with Sobha Vishwanath in an entirely new frame. Although the sight, place and the people are the same, it is shot through a foreigner’s view.

Discover the beauty of this timeless city in the video below!

[Image and Picture Courtesy : Go Trivandrum]

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