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February 27, 2018

Summer season is round the corner and heat-related diseases have already been reported from within the district. Recently, chickenpox has been reported from 2 engineering schools within the city especially among hostel students.

Apart from chickenpox many people have come for the treatment of conjunctivitis. The district and taluk hospitals have reported an increase in patients seeking remedy for eye sicknesses. Meanwhile, the district fitness officers declared they are taking all measures to prevent a pandemic associated sicknesses this year.

Awareness campaigns will be conducted by the ward, panchayat and block level monitoring committees on using of safe water, hygiene and cleanliness. Furthermore, the camps of the migrant labourers will be closely monitored. They will also be given information on infectious diseases and precautions that have to be taken in case of symptoms.

The health officials emphasis on the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, eating balanced meals, hand washing, drinking more water and fruit juices and keeping their surrounding to prevent any epidemic during summer.

Common Diseases During the Summer :

The number of chickenpox cases might increase throughout summer. To combat an epidemic, it’s imperative people consume plenty of water and fruits with high liquid content.

Diced fruits, cold beverages and ice sticks sold-out on the streets would be tempting, however, there are chances contaminated food and unsafe drinking water resulting in diarrhea. To stay away from these diseases, it is good that you boil water and wash vegetables throughly before using it.

This is another common issue associated with heat. Drinking additional water, eating natural coolants like cucumber, watermelon and drinking tender milk and juice with salt is that the best to create up for loss of sodium owing to excessive sweating.

Eye infections
Summer perpetually brings in eye infections. Eye irritation, allergy, inflammation are some of the common diseases seen throughout the summer season. Wash the eyes and face with clean water frequently to prevent infections.

Food poisoning
The leading reason behind this is consumption of contaminated food or water. It is spread by microorganism, viruses, toxins, and chemicals that cause abdomen pain, nausea, symptom or instinctive reflex.

Heat Stroke
If on a hot summer day, you experience headache, drying of skin, cramps, weakness, vomit, augmented pulse, or shallow respiratory, there is chance that you are having heat stroke. The first sign of heat stroke is vertigo that is typically followed by conditions like nausea, seizures, etc. Doctors suggest that you wear loose clothes during the summer and also staying in cooler areas to help avoid heat stroke.

Exposure to the sun for extended durations isn’t healthy for humans or animals owing to sunburns. People who have low pigment formation have more chance of getting sunburns and are even vulnerable to skin cancer.

Skin Rashes
During summers, rash may be a common skin condition amid kids and adults. This usually happens in private areas because of excessive sweat. The sweat accumulates within the garments and constant rubbing or carrying the sweat laden garments for a protracted amount causes cutaneous sensation and additional ends up in rash. Skin reddening, dryness, irritation square measure the visible signs of rash.

Jaundice is another common common water-borne illness during the summer. It is caused mainly due the consumption of contaminated food and water. Jaundice spreads owing to viral hepatitis is transmitted by the feces-oral route.

Typhoid is one of the common summer diseases. It is spread to healthy people through oral-fecal and it is a water- borne disease. The contaminated food and water sources become the breeding ground for bacteria once consumed.

Of all summer illnesss mumps is the most contagious and happens primarily in children during peak summer time. It’s highly contagious in nature and gets transmitted once an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Reason for Illness Eruption
The primary reason behind the eruption of diseases in summer is that the presence of favorable climatic conditions for microorganism, virus and alternative parasites to breed.
Steps to Prevent Diseases

  • Try to avoid activities outside house throughout peak sun hours.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and crowded areas.
  • Increase water or liquid intake to prevent dehydration.
  • Use ointment with the SPF to prevent skin harm.
  • Avoid wayside food or contaminated water.
  • Increase consuming fruits and vegetable.
  • Wear wide-brimmed hats or umbrellas to avoid direct exposure to the sun.
  • Prefer light-colored, loose clothing.
  • Keep your premises healthy and clean.



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